Removing a Grease Stain from Furniture

Grease Stainpic
Grease Stain

A leading provider of furniture warranty services and healthy sleep products, GBS Enterprises primarily serves the hospitality, pest control, and mattress industries. The furniture protection services offered by GBS Enterprises cover a wide range of accidental damage to wood, leather, and fabric furniture, including grease stains.

Grease stains can seem like a permanent problem for furniture owners. However, knowledgeable professionals or furniture owners can often remove such stains.

As with most stains, cleaning should be informed by the furniture’s fabric care label, which usually includes an “S,” a “W,” or an “S/W” to denote the kind of cleaning it can handle. An “S” indicates that only solvent-based dry cleaning agents are suitable for the fabric. Meanwhile, a “W” means that water-based cleaning agents are needed, and an “S/W” means that either solvent- or water-based cleaners work.

Once a person knows what kind of cleaner he or she needs, he or she can begin by either scraping off the dried grease with a plastic utensil or placing baby powder completely over the stain. This removes the grease and pulls it out of fabric. Baking soda can also be used instead of baby powder, as can talcum powder or cornstarch. Any excess powder must then be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

After that, grease-cutting dish soap or dry-cleaning solvent is added to the stain in accordance with the fabric label. With dry-cleaning solvents, a damp cloth is needed to press the solution into the stain until the grease it removed. Meanwhile, a clean cloth is needed to work the dish soap into the stain and dab it until the grease is gone. Then, a clean rag moistened with water is used to remove the soap from the area.