Finding Your Ideal Pillow Softness and Thickness


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Healthy Sleep

GBS Enterprises, a leading provider of furniture protection services, offers furniture warranties for everything from mattresses to rugs. In addition to these services, GBS Enterprises sells healthy sleep and bedding products such as mattress protectors and chiropractor-recommended pillows.

Good pillows are essential for getting a good night’s rest and reducing neck and back pain. Pillows that are suited for you place your head in a neutral position. When in this position, your head is neither too far forward or too far back and instead rests right on your shoulders.

Sleep position plays the biggest role in determining what pillow softness you need. The thinnest pillows are reserved for people who sleep on their stomach as these pillows do not push the head back too far. You can also get away with skipping the pillow altogether if you are a stomach sleeper. However, since this sleeping position strains the lower back regardless of the pillow you use for your head, you should try putting a pillow under your stomach or sleeping on your side instead.

Thinner pillows are also recommended for those who sleep on their back, as are medium pillows (depending on your size). When choosing a pillow as a back sleeper, look for one that does not tilt the head forward too much and cradles the neck. To accomplish this, you may need a pillow that is thicker in the bottom third to accommodate the natural curve of your neck and spine.

Finally, you need firm and thick pillows if you sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side requires extra support for your head and neck since there is a great amount of space between the bed and where your head should comfortably rest. Ideally, you should find a pillow that has a wide gusset to ensure your head has enough support. Also, consider sleeping with a pillow between your knees to promote better spine alignment.