What Happens When You Recycle Your Mattress


Mattress pic
Image: byebyeMattress.com

GBS Enterprises, a premier provider of sleep products such as mattress and pillow protectors, is affiliated with industry organizations that strive to educate vendors and the public on the importance of clean sleep products and environmentally conscious business practices. GBS Enterprises is a member of the Specialty Sleep Association, which offers space for vendors from its Las Vegas-based show room. In addition to serving the needs of vendors, the Specialty Sleep Association has hosted events related to mattress recycling.

Approximately 50,000 mattresses make their way to landfills each day. Materials inside mattresses, such as metal components and wood frames, can be recycled. Wood used inside mattresses can be broken down into mulch for landscaping. Even the foam padding inside a mattress can be recycled and used to make the lining of a pet’s bed or the padding beneath carpet. Rather than sitting in a landfill, 80 percent of mattress materials can be repurposed.

When it is time to get rid of your mattress, consider finding a mattress recycling center to make an eco-friendly impact. Visit byebyemattress.com to search for a mattress recycling organization near you.