The About Face Service Corps at Rawhide


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About Face Service Corps

GBS Enterprises, a company with locations in Florida, Nevada, and Nebraska, sells Healthy Sleep products and furniture warranties to the hospitality, pest control, and mattress and bedding industries. Dedicated to helping its communities, GBS Enterprises supports organizations such as Rawhide.

A faith-based charity, Rawhide offers outpatient mental health services, residential care, and other programs for at-risk youth. One of these programs is its About Face Service Corps. This intensive, family-centered program lasts for 90 or 120 days and entails living in a military-style residential setting. It’s designed for young men who have been voluntarily placed with Rawhide by their family and focuses on community service projects.

Young men who are part of About Face go through a two-week rotation at Rawhide’s on-campus private school, Starr Academy. At Starr Academy, participants study math, social studies, English, science, and other standard academic topics. In addition to this work, students undergo early morning physical training each day, work with a certified social worker, and complete moral and religious training.

Beyond this, students in About Face help with several community service projects four days a week. These projects help low-income families and public works in Wisconsin and involve working with homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, food pantries, and local parks. By participating in community service projects the youth learn about hard work, integrity, honor, and the joy of helping others.