Ultra-Tech Bedding Products


Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech pic
Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech
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In addition to offering mattress and furniture protection plans underwritten by insurance carriers with “A”-ratings from A.M. Best, GBS Enterprises manufactures and distributes its proprietary Healthy Sleep products. GBS Enterprises’ Healthy Sleep offerings include the company’s Ultra-Tech line.

Comprising a full range of bedding items, the Ultra-Tech line features products manufactured using Tencel fiber, a wood-based material that offers several benefits. Because Tencel inhibits bacterial growth, fabrics made with the fiber are naturally hygienic and suitable for those with sensitive skin. Ideal for bedding, Tencel also features temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties that help promote better sleep.

In addition to mattress protectors, sheets, and blankets, the Ultra-Tech line of products includes pillows with Tencel-based cover fabrics. These covers improve heat dissipation and reduce perspiration while wicking away moisture 50 percent more efficiently than cotton-based products. The exterior of the Ultra-Tech pillows is complemented by a supportive interior construction that promotes proper head and neck alignment and helps reduce sleep-related pain.

GBS Enterprises also offers a line of Cool-Tech pillows, mattress protectors, and sheet sets that cool users while they sleep. In addition, the company offers waterproof mattress protectors and encasement products, which also provide a barrier against bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens.