The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep for Children

40 Winks Foundation pic
40 Winks Foundation

Deerfield Beach, Florida’s GBS Enterprises provides an array of products and services, from high quality bedding to pest control services. In addition to engaging with professional organizations such as the Specialty Sleep Products Association, GBS Enterprises supports philanthropic organizations like the 40 Winks Foundation.

Located in Little Canada, Minnesota, the 40 Winks Foundation by Slumberland is a charity committed to providing in-need children with bedding, pillows, sheets, and related items. The importance of the foundation’s mission cannot be overstated, as a night of sound sleep is vital to a child’s physical and cognitive development. In fact, research indicates that an adequate sleep schedule is as important to a child’s ongoing health as diet and exercise.

Children who do not receive the proper amount of sleep, which may range from nine to 11 hours for some individuals, will struggle to focus the following day and can experience difficulty with other basic cognitive processes. Lack of sleep can also directly impact how a child grows and how effective their immune system is in fighting off infections and illnesses. A full night of quality sleep is required to address these and other issues, as the body must progress through several sleep stages before achieving REM sleep. To learn more about how the 40 Winks Foundation helps children receive the sleep they need, please visit