Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech’s Products

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Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech

Founded in 1988, GBS Enterprises serves as one of the largest American furniture warranty providers experienced in different aspects of the textiles industry. One of the pioneers in creating the mattress protection market, GBS Enterprises is also among the top producers of healthy sleep products offered under various well-known brand-names like Healthy Sleep UltraTech and Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech.

Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech has a technologically advanced line of products designed to provide a moisture-free, cool, and dry sleep surface. Featuring TENCEL fiber, the brand’s products are characteristically hypoallergenic and able to help regulate body temperature.

Below are a few products from Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech along with their qualities:

Pillows with air pockets that regulate temperature, reduce perspiration, and are also naturally hygienic for sensitive skin. The pillows are styled to ensure the best alignment of head, neck, and spine, and hence fit chiropractors and wellness doctors recommendations to reduce pain, relieve pressure points, and allow for more restful sleep.

Mattress protectors made from temperature regulating fibers and the best wicking material. They also use Silpure antimicrobial silver treatment for a more hygienic sleeping surface.

Temperature-regulating sheets suitable for both winter and summer.

Bacterial encasement blankets made from TENCEL fabric, ensuring the inhibition of bacterial growth. Additionally, blankets are treated with Silpure antimicrobial treatment to provide a more hygienic sleep.