Signs That an Old Mattress Is Too Old

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Old mattresses can cause back pain, trigger allergies, and lead to a host of other health problems. However, determining whether an old mattress is too old can be challenging, because no single indicator fits every situation. A good rule of thumb is to replace a mattress after it is 8 years old. By this age, most mattresses have become uncomfortable to sleep on, and they often have accumulated an unhealthy amount of dust.

In addition to a mattress’ age, owners should look for other signs of wear, such as a lump or sagging spot. These issues prevent individuals from getting a good night’s sleep and typically result when the springs or padding wear out from use. In most cases, mattresses should always be replaced when impressions become 1.5 inches deep.

Another sign of an old mattress is waking up in pain. Since old mattresses have lost their ability to properly support the body, people may experience back pain, hip pain, or headaches more often than usual. Further, they often wake up feeling tired, even if they have slept for seven or eight hours. In some cases, people may actually prefer sleeping in hotels or mattresses other than their own because they offer more support and comfort.