Allergies May Cause or Intensify Sleep Disorders

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Founded in 1986, GBS Enterprises provides a range of textile and furnishing services, including bedding items, furniture protection plans through local retailers, and pest control. Among GBS Enterprises’ signature offerings is the Healthy Sleep line of allergen-resistant mattress and pillow covers and hypoallergenic pillows.

It is important to understand that sleep difficulty may be occurring even when those experiencing it are not consciously aware of such disruptions, particularly for those who have breathing difficulties such as nasal allergies. A study by French researchers, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2016, established a connection between nasal allergies and sleep disorders, which are more than twice as likely to occur for those who experience hay fever and other allergies triggered by pollen, pet dander, or dust. Similar studies in the United States have shown that 44 percent of those with allergies will wake up with low energy and alertness despite believing they had uninterrupted sleep, and 48 percent of them regularly disturb their partners’ rest.

In addition to allergen-resistant bedding, other means of reducing the effects of allergies include showering before bed in order to wash away potential allergens and keeping the windows closed and pets out of the bedroom. Any remedies that relieve allergy symptoms and congestion, such as a steaming bath, hot tea, or the short-term use of medication, can make rest easier.